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DETAILS is the brand new mini-album by The Candle Thieves. Including 7 new songs including forthcoming singles Into Forever and Bowling Ball.

Pre-order now for the chance of winning one of 20 golden tickets placed randomly in all pre-orders. A golden ticket entitles you to a unique prize.

Included in these are:

  • A song written just for you
  • Dinner with The Candle Thieves
  • Never before heard b-sides/rareties
  • Signed copy of the DETAILS artwork
  • Mix tape from Scott/Glock
  • Skype call
  • Private interview, ask us anything! (Within reason)
  • The original lyric sheets

And many more bizarre prizes that you'll be excited to receive but slightly nonplussed if you'd have paid for them!

All pre-orders come signed and with an exclusive DETAILS pin badge.

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